Friday, August 16, 2013

Sculpted a Badger!

Here I am again! :D Ya, I've got another somethin' to post (ALWAYS)!

Anyways, here's the new pic:

Another Sculptris thing, a badger this time. The version above is the realistic(+cartoony) version, but the one below....

THE TRIBAL VERSION! Nice face paint, huh?

Told ya I was havin' fun noodling!

Speakin' of noodlin', here's some news: I just got permission from my Dad to make a new blog!!! It's gonna be kind of a making thingy, with some programming and MineCraft mixed in. The only thing is... WHAT TO NAME IT????? Tell me your ideas!

G'bye fer now!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sculptris Models!

Well, hello again! I just got a free modeling program called "Sculptris," and I've been noodling with it! Here are some good models that I did today:


I'm having SOOOO much fun on Sculptris, and I'll DEFINITELY be doing more. To see the things I make, go to My DIY profile! 

Until next time, 


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back again!

Here I am again! Woo, this blog kinda died out, with nobody expecting new stuffs and therefore leaving this thingy. Well, never fear, I'll spread the word! It'll get going in no time (maybe)!

Sooo... fer the art thingy.... here ya go!
A get well card for a friend, "CaptainCluck,' from me, "ComputerNinja!" I think you can guess who is who.

So ya! I'll try to post more, since this school year is going to be unschooled, and this kinda counts as art and journaling.

Ninjas, always,